Pinata ハロウィーンに向けて、ピニャータを作り出しました。

Have you ever heard of a Pinata? 

It's a game played in many countries and one I played when I was a child. The Pinata is a little similar to the Japanese Kusu-dama.
But it is full of toys and sweets, and instead of pulling a rope to open it, we use a bat or stick of some sort and hit it over and over until it opens. 

In other countries you can buy Pinatas from a shop(though many people do make them themselves) but I couldn't find them in Japan anywhere so I decided to make one myself. They are quite easy to make. You just need a big balloon which you use as the base for the shape, and then cover it with paper mache. Once it has dried you decorate and or paint it the way you like.

I have never made one before so if all goes well then I will put some pictures up of the finished product in my next blog.....that is if it does actually all go to plan......Wish me luck. 

I'm really looking forward to our Halloween Party. I hope everyone is as excited as me. It's going to be a lot of fun.