Masakatsu Ishiura  石浦まさかつ

Even though I have been in Japan for a long time, it has only been the last 2 or 3 years or so that I became interested in Sumo. I first got interested in it because my family was always watching it whenever I visited. One day while watching it I recognised one of the Sumo Wrestlers. I couldn't believe it. It was Masa!! 

He is a friend of mine who I met in Australia about 3 years ago.  We used to hang out, and go and watch Aussie Rules Football games together as we both cheered for the same team. At that time he wasn't so big. But over the last few years he has packed on the pounds. I'm surprised how big he has gotten in such a short time. 

After studying English in Australia he returned to Japan specifically to get into Professional Sumo Wrestling. He always talked about it and couldn't wait to get back into it.  At the moment he stays and trains at the Tokyo Sumo club and this year he reached Juryou level. Juryou is the first level at which you get paid to be a Professional Sumo Wrestler. I was amazed to see he had moved up through the ranks so quickly.  

The next Sumo Tournament has just started today. I think it's the last competition for the year and it last for 15 days. I'm looking forward to seeing how he does in November and the years to come. In the future I hope to get him to come and visit us here at Stellar. I'm sure the kids would love seeing a real life Sumo!

Good luck Masa! Destroy them all!