Hi there. My name is David Rohde, but please call me Rohde. I am from Adelaide, South Australia. 

I came to Japan on a Homestay when I was a High School Student. I fell in love with Japanese culture and tradition, so as soon as I graduated University I came back to Japan and started working as an English Instructor. 

I've always been interested in marine sports like surfing, swimming and scuba diving, but since coming to Japan I have also taken up snowboarding. If I'm not out boarding in the winter though, you will find me tucked up inside at home like a bear hibernating. 

Since coming to Japan, I have gained a lot of experience teaching at Private English schools and International Schools in Okayama and Numazu. I enjoy spending time with people and children and love spending my time creating exciting lesson plans for all our students. 

I look forward to meeting you and hope I can assist in your child's English education in Japan. 















“Hey everyone, my name is Quentin and it’s nice to meet you! I’m 25 years old and I come from New York in the United States. I love Japanese food, music, nature, people, and pretty much everything in between so I decided to move here 3 years ago! I’ve lived in Ishikawa and Kanagawa prefectures, and now I’m coming to Shizuoka! 


I love teaching and talking to kids, as I’m a bit of a kid myself. I’ve watched Demon Slayer and own a Nintendo Switch so I get along with kids really easily. I’m so excited to meet and watch them grow. 


In my free time, you can find me riding my bicycle, visiting parks, or on the beach. I’m looking forward to meeting everybody. よろしくお願いします!” 



キンダーガーテン (Kindergarten Assistant)


I am very excited to be a part of  Stella International School.
While at university in Kyoto (I still LOVE Kyoto), I took a year off to spend time in Toronto,  Canada . During the last 6 weeks of my stay, I moved to Vancouver, where I studied for my J-shine diploma. When I was in Canada, I realized  that I didn't know as much about Japan as I thought. I didn't have enough information to explain things in the class room. That's why after I moved back to Japan, I started studying to obtain my Japanese Teacher's Certificate.

After graduating I worked at an Eikaiwa for kids, then moved to Australia for 10 months as an Japanese assistant teacher.
I  came back to Japan and worked at a Hoikuen .

I love camping(still a beginner)and travelling. When I was university student, I travelled from Rebun Island, Hokkaido to Ibusuki, Kagoshima by local train for a month by myself. In Australia, I backpacked through from Melbourne to Perth, and Melbourne to Darwin.

I will do my best to support the children, I would love to have a fun time with everyone and see lots of BIG smiles . I am looking forward to seeing their growth.

大学3回生の時に休学をして、Canadaのトロントで1年間過ごしました。最後の6週間は、J-Shine の資格を取るために、バンクーバーで過ごしました。カナダにいる時に、私はあまり日本のことを知らないことに気付き、授業でもしっかりと説明をすることが出来ませんでした。そのため、帰国して、復学後に、日本語教師の資格の勉強も始めました。



キンダーガーテン (Kindergarten Assistant) 


It has always been a dream of mine to become a Kindergarten teacher. After graduating University I have worked at Private Kindergartens in Numazu City. During my time teaching, I started studying about exercise and sports for children and now I am also teaching Kids Hip Hop Dance and Yoga lessons. 

At the moment I am attending a course on Nursery School and Kindergarten Education. 

While taking care of our students, my goal as a leader is to maximise their potential within them to the best of my ability. 

At Stellar International School I would like to have a good time with everyone and help bring a smile to the children everyday, and help in watching over your children's growth during their preschool time. 


その後、子ども達の運動能力について学びを深め、現在ではインストラクターとしてHIP HOPKids yogaをツールに子ども達を輝かせるレッスンをしながら、保育士・幼稚園教諭養成校の非常勤職員としても活動しています!